Voice Talent

A Dream for Your Team


Kimberly Austin has been recording voiceovers for more than 15 years, so she gets it. You’re running on tight deadlines. You need a professional who can take direction and deliver. You need a voice that’s relatable, yet fresh. You need a true partner who’s extremely responsive and capable of a 24-hour turnaround. You need Kimberly.

A Voice for All Reasons and Seasons


Whether you’re casting a sophisticated expert, honest friend, or hip neighbor who knows what’s happening from skincare routines to the best place to eat, Kimberly fits the bill. She brings life to your scripts and has a warm, friendly, curious vibe that instantly connects.

A Corporate go-to


As a highly versatile voice, Kimberly not only handles commercial work but also corporate projects. Ranging from product and training videos to eLearning modules, she can take a technical subject matter and make it more conversational and engaging. She understands the importance of pacing and has a friendly voice that can also be authoritative and approachable - if that's what you need. As another fun fact, Kimberly holds a bachelor of science degree, so she can handle tech and medical copy with ease.


Sample the Sounds

Commercial Demos

Commercial Demo

Samsung Family Hub: High-Tech Mom, chatty, humorous, sarcastic, quick pace

Ulta-Revlon Colorstay Lipstick: Upbeat, youthful, flirty, sassy, confident


EV Fisker Ocean: Chill, laidback, inviting, relatable


La Roche Posay: Knowledgeable, testimonial, warm, soft


Purple Carrot: Healthy, happy, conversational, real


PNC Financial: Friendly, warm, caring, sincere



Dick’s Sporting Goods: Quirky, fun, playful


Josie Maran: Super real, smart best friend


Medical: Straightforward, knowledgeable, peer-to-peer

Data Security: Engaged, matter-of-fact, approachable



Appliance: How-to, manual instruction, friendly

Environmental: Innovation, climate, professional, approachable

Science: Research, straightforward, knowledgeable

The Studio


As an experienced voice actor, Kimberly has a professional home studio that delivers broadcast-quality audio. This includes an acoustically treated 4x6 whisper room with Neumann TLM 103 and Sennheiser 416 microphones. She also has a Universal Audio Apollo Twin Interface that helps digitally process a real, natural, warm sound.


Based on your project, she could connect in several ways: Source Connect, Zoom, IpDTL, or phone patch. And she can format files in MP3, WAV, or AIF and deliver via Dropbox, WeTransfer, or FTP of your choice. She’s techy like that.

Happy Customers


Kimberly’s versatility lends itself to upscale products, down-to-earth brands, and everything in between. 
Fantastic Feedback
“Anytime we can recommend Kimberly to a client, we do. She makes us look great.”
Fantastic Feedback
“Great Instincts. Professional and fun to work with.”
Fantastic Feedback
“You always deliver. You take our words and turn them into precisely the read we’re looking for. Thanks for being part of another successful campaign.”
Fantastic Feedback
“We know that we’re probably gonna go home early when we work with Kimberly. She nails it every time.”
Fantastic Feedback
 "Easy, effortless, professional."