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As an actress with more than 20 years of experience under her stylish belt, Kimberly Austin has filmed hundreds of commercials. She knows how to get right to the heart of a script and tell the story. Her professionalism and easy-going nature on set is appreciated by producers and clients alike.

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Kimberly has trained in improv with Upright Citizens Brigade and sketch comedy with The Pit NYC. She is a highly sought-after host and even created and hosted her own popular web series Rock Book Show, which is now a podcast. She would be honored to work with you next.

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Blushworthy Reviews
“We continue to work with Kimberly because our clients love her. We love her because she’s a pleasure to have onset as well as being a pro.”
Blushworthy Reviews
“Lovely and charming!”
Blushworthy Reviews
“Kimberly is such a swell woman who totally knows her stuff and always adds a ton of value to this show and herInterviews. I wish it lasted longer than it did.”